Saturday, June 12, 2010

Services Review: Ystilo Salon MOA

 One of my greatest vanities/insecurities in life is my HAIR. But unfortunate as I am,  my so-called crowning glory is not that naturally appealing. I have taken my spot in various salons to try out hair straightening magics since I was in my senior year in high school. From the cheapest to the highest end salons, name it – I most probably set my foot in front of their mirror. But then and again, I did not feel the total satisfaction that I longed to get. 
It was until August of last year when I had my scheduled overhauling of my hair. I did not know where to go to and randomly, Levy and I opted to go to MOA. This giant mall generously dedicated an ample space for these girls’ best friend – salon! It was a hard decision for me as to which doorknob should I take a grip. And after several minutes of deciding, I chose to go the salon where I never tried their services – Ystilo Salon. 
My chosen salon!
My Ystilo makeover was one of the rarest and best things  that happened to my hair! It was just so perfect that I felt how it is to have a good hair for the first time. From that moment on, I knew I found my salon.  
Just this last week of May, I paid a visit to Ystilo again for another hair make over. A good ten months for the treatment they gave me was pretty enough for the Php 2000++ service fee . I chose the same service that was very effective on me for the past ten months and the usual, I went out of the salon smiling and feeling relieved.  My hair went well for the next two days (the period of non-washing of the hair) but I realized on the third day that my hair was behaving BADLY. It was gearing towards the “old times” – kinky ends, untoned curls making my hair “bulky”, super dry.  I panicked during that time and I can’t leave the house without giving my hair a “first aid” – blower and hair iron. I was very very disappointed that time as I was longing for the same effect as I got last August. 
I then remembered Romy, my hairdresser, telling me to give them a call or get back to them once I encounter any problem. I was not that enthusiastic as I know the real deal when it comes to salons and services – go back and pay again. But desperate as I am, I managed to dial their trunkline and told the receptionist my problem – at least I can tell them their services did not pass my taste. I was glad as she still remembered me considering that they got so many clients coming in and out of their place. She then told me that I am welcome to come back on Saturday so that they can check and possible re-do everything. I was thankful but not really expecting a re-do for free. Yet, I need to try my luck and even though they won’t give me that, I still need to get my hair done – this time definitely at another salon not bearing the face of Vina Morales or Shaina Magdayao.
Make or break. 
Will I wear this cape once more? Or never again?
Saturday came, and I was very hesitant to come over. I pictured out the scenario of them covering their ass and putting the blame on me for this and that, offering me to re-do it with me shedding another hefty amount, and me ending up pissed off and blogging all their unfair services. But still, I need to try my luck. The next thing that actually happened was me sitting in front of the dresser, browsing through the magazines, and Romy re-doing my hair! It was a total shock for me. There was no fuss, no sour face, no bullying. They did not scrutinize any longer which I took it as them recognizing maybe any shortcomings that they may have while they were doing my hair six days ago.  Or maybe it was the act of honoring their words in teh name of customer service. Or maybe it is acknowledging the fact they they will always have clients with nasty hairs, and they need to deal with it as they consider each and every client that they have as IMPORTANT clients. It just put me in AWE. They did not thrift the product to put onto my hair, Romy dedicated his time to me just like a normal client and not as a “pampabigat” na client, the receptionist was very friendly to even offer me some drinks! I just can’t believe how Ystilo Salon honors “CUSTOMER SERVICES”. An nth thumbs up to them! 
And.. I wore it again and will be wearing it more often!!!
Romy patiently taking good care of my hair!
The result? I again got the BEST RESULT!
...wash and wear hair – no need to blower or iron which really saves up my time
...stylish hair  - i got a hairstyle as the normal hair gets (as opposed to other salons which if you hair is treated, you can’t get any hairstyle apart from the straight, “nene-like” look simply because your hair is awkwardly super super straight)
... natural looking hair – it seems like my hair is a “normal” straight hair! 
... affordable price - A good Php 3200 for a hair straightening service is not bad at all especially with the results mentioned above!
... time-saving treatment - unlike the rebonding which practically eats up your whole afternoon, the one I got only took less than three hours to finish. it's their Hair straightening service. 
...SUPERB CUSTOMER SERVICE/ SATISFACTION - after reading above, do I need to say more?! :D

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  1. Dear Dahlj,

    Thank you so much for the beautiful and wonderful comments about Ystilo. You have inspired us so much to do better our commitment of providing the Great Salon Experience to all our clients.

    Federico Moreno

  2. Dear Dahlj,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful comments you have posted on your blog. You have inspired us to improve more our customer service.

    Fred Moreno

  3. Hi Mr. Moreno,

    Your comment actually triggered me to re-open my blog! Thanks for having a company like you. I still do go to Romy for my hair. I do have some friends who tried also and actually liked the services! More power!

  4. hope I will experience what you exprience.

  5. Exceed the customer service expectations of your current clients. Ensure that the visual appearance and atmosphere of your salon is inviting. By impressing your current clients, word-of-mouth advertising will bring in new clients.

  6. wow..thanks for this review. I'm actually looking for a great salon in MOA because I know there will be a lot of choices that will probably leave me undecisive. I just want a hair treatment since I got my hair colored. Couldyou give me some idea of how much is there treatments? (hot oil,.........)

    1. hi! im afraid i can't give you an answer. I wasn there last July i think and i got my semi-rebond and cellophane for like 5k+. Not bad actually. im not sure with hot oil and other services though.

      let me know your experience!

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