Sunday, April 11, 2010

Product Review: Avon Professional - 2-1 ceramic straightener and curler

I ditched out my 2007 Watson hair curler and my 8-month old Park Square's China made hair straightener. I have long been looking for a replacement for the two but I always end up empty-handed everytime I attempted to buy those. Gone are the days of my flattering hair by Ystilo and so I am sporting a daily ponytail. Of course, this is very much to my disadvantage because of my round and big face. Ugh. Summer's hindering me to get an overhaul of my hair so I have to wait for June for my bi-yearly hair straightening. :(

It is when I badly needed a hair straigthener last week that I opted to my last resort brochure - Avon. There I saw a red, two-in one hair tool that could ease up the unflattering hair that I have. One thing I like about it is the thought of portability. It is removable and you can bring both the curler and the straightener in one small box.

 this small box can be easily placed in your bag.

 the removable curler and straightener

The curler is pretty usual as that of the other curlers. Bu comparing it to my old Watson tool, I find this curler easier to use, curls are defined immediately, and it lasts longer than that of the works of Watson. I curled the tips of my hair for like less than five minutes and here's what I got:

 satisfied with the result. :)

Now the straightener. Much needed for me is the straightener as I had a notion and as well as experience that curls are harder to define that straight hair. This Avon thing is a FIASCO. Ceramic as it was advertised, but you could feel how rough it is when it touches and glides in your hair. I never felt that kind of feeling when I was using my Park Square iron. Gah, to think that it is only like 250 bucks! The tool does not tame my hair, it does not give a shiny effect. It is also designed awkwardly as you have to let loose of the handle have your two hand press the iron to get at least a generous amount of heat in your hair. IT IS SUCH A HASSLE. 
 look closely and you would see my strands of hair trapped in this tool *angry*

is there a difference?! there might be but this really fall way way short of my expectations. :(
where is that super straight hair?!>!>?

compare it to my old straightener which I used for only like ten minutes and I got superb results

I have learned my lesson and that is AVON is for bra and bra alone. That's it.