Friday, June 22, 2012

Veet Hair Removal Cream

I've always associated Veet brand to waxing. And waxing to a painful beauty exercise. Then out of randomness, I held a box of Veet and brought it to Watson's counter. That was the only time I discovered that this brand is not just for waxing products, it has hair removal creams, too! Silly me.

Because I am new to this kind of product and having a notion that such is a strong type of cream, I thoroughly read on the direction. Reading the label already stressed me as I got the message that this must be used strictly according to instruction (read in capslock: WITHOUT EXCEEDING 6 MINUTES). Nevertheless, I tried to be a good girl by following all the instructions.

Squeezing it out of its tube releases a generic chemical scent but is toned down by a jasmine fragrance.  The spatula that comes with it is a breeze to use as it has curves on both edges and is functionaly slim. it's not much of a work to apply the product but the dilemma of gluing your eyes to the timer is just a WORK to do. Yes, talk about fear of burning your skin. Nyay! On the 5th minute, I began swiping the product against my skin with a bit of a force and I was amazed to see how the hairs left my legs. Sure it was not thoroughly removed that I need to reapply again to some parts but the idea of not having any razor or wax to wipe out eeewwwy hairs is just a refreshing thought. It took me like 15 minutes to finish both lower legs and the result is positive.

Cream on my legs

Yey! smoother legs!

I thought my legs would be "hairless" for at least of couple of days but I got dismayed that after two days, stubbles are starting to come out. I know the product did not promise a week of smooth legs but if I'll get the same result with a shave (that just takes me 5 minutes to finish all the hairs off) and same hair growth, I had second thoughts of using it again...

Until today, the product still sits in one corner of my room. The same spot after i once used them. No, I'm not saying that I abandoned this cream completely. Maybe if I have ample time to do my beauty rituals, then definitely, I will give this one another shot!

Posting some related photos next time. My phone is dead. Lol.

Meanwhile, check out other reviews related to this product here and here. =)


  1. I'm thinking if I'll try the one for my mustache. Sobrang halata kasi kapag naka-make up.

    Anyway, I have an idea. Just grab a marketing product photo from the product's website and credit the source. That way the readers will know what variant you are talking about--and you wouldn't take a photo yourself :P

    I think kelangan lang talaga ng photo kapag nails or fotds :P

  2. yeah, photos are a must but should not be too many of them in one post. :

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