Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Product Review: Urban Decay Face Case

When I first laid my eyes on the photo exhibited on CareFreeShopper, I instantly fell in love with this violet case. It took me ages to resist this but having a dear friend as the seller, you can't help but simultaneously utter the words, "yay" and "nay"! Yay as Armie brought this make-up set on top of what I ordered from her (knowing that I badly want it!) and nay since I can't let it off my hands the moment she handed it to me - it means, I am shedding another 1200 php off my pocket. LOL! Bottomline of it is equals to SOLD.

But it seems like it's not yet time for me and UD Face Case to be partners in crime. When I went back to Manila after my normal weekend Bacolod escape, I realized that I haven't got any make up for my other friend Ermalyn. Since she was asking me to get a blush and eyeshadows for her, the closest that I can hand to her is my new-found love. Another yay-and-nay moment for me!

Nevertheless, I wanted to make a review of this one at least on how I see and feel about it. 

I always believe that the silent salesman of a product is the packaging. And for make ups, I have that biased feeling that every time I see neat and classy packages, I feel that they are good ones. After all, who would want to put their very good products in cheap cases or tubes? :p This UD Face Case is packed in a violet suede texture which puts you in make-up mood whenever it rests in your palm. I love it!

A sneak peek! The rest of the case contains the exciting shades and colors of eyeshadows, blush, and lip glosses. But before we get into the real deal, take a look into the small brush. One this that is good about it is that it is a two-end brush. At first I thought it is solely for the eye shadows but when I checked on it again, the two brushes are not exactly of the same size, length, and thickness. So I supposed, these are for eye shadows and lip gloss. Personally, I would not prefer having the same brush for my different lipstick shades. It's just messy. On the other side, I thought this might be for the inner lid and the crease. Either way, you can use them as a brush - in whatever manner you want to use it. :)

The Face Case's pride! Three shadows, three lip glosses, and a blush just makes it the most compact case I've seen. This is best for the beauties on the go! It is getting rid of bringing all your vanities in your bag especially if you don't know what to wear on your face or if you have two separate events with different mood to go into for a day. 

And.. that's me beaming! Hehe.I am dying to share the swatches of these shades but I will leave it to the hands of the new owner. :D Rest assured I will post it here once I get one.

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