Sunday, June 13, 2010

Product Review: Watsons' GrapeBella Hand Cream

When my Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream tube was already severely wrinkled, I searched through the website to get another replacement. By another replacement means not necessarily another Crabtree & Evelyn as I am not luxurious enough as of the moment to spend a little less than a thousand bucks for a hand cream. Thanks by the way to my former boss and friend, RAF, who gave me C&E as a random present. But don't get me wrong, the product was the BEST hand cream I ever tried!

Paving my way through SM Megamall (as blogged yesterday, I was too lazy to dress up so I opted to go to SM. :D), I dropped by the department store to buy my usual toiletries. My eyes were then glued to these grape-dominated display - the Watsons' GrapeBella collection. It was an eye candy in a sense that you seem to literally feel the sweet taste of grapes when looking through the products!

Why Approved:
  • The Price. Php 69.00 does not hurt a pinch in the pocket.
  • Availability. Whenever there is Watsons or SM department store, there is this GrabeBella thing.
  • Portability. Just as it is expected for a hand cream, this comes in a handy tube.
Why Doubt:
  • Not-that-soft texture. I paractically use hand cream to soften my hands. But then, I did not get it from my new tube.
  • No dominant grape smell. Much as I hate the uber grape flavor and smell.
  • Not addictive. It is one of the signs when I know I like the product - I am addictive to it. This tube did not put me to addiction. 

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