Monday, July 5, 2010

Hearty Food: Spinach Fettuccine in Creamy Seafood Sauce

What you need:
Spinach Fettuccine. Healthier alternative to flour pasta.

The three-step pasta sauce. total calories is only 120!

Alternative to oil for sautee.

seafoods! everything is from the frozen area of the supermarket. :)

General Procedure:
1. De-frost the seafoods. This practically takes a longer time so what I did was to place them in a strainer and put had some water flowing through it to get rid of the ice.

2. Season the seafoods with salt, pepper, and some garlic powder.

3. Sautee seafoods with garlic and butter. Note that you will see seafood broth which came from the shrimps. Do not take it out as this will promote the seafood taste on your pasta.

While waiting for it t absorb the garlic and the seasonings, pour in the fresh milk on the cream powder. 

4. Mix the cream sauce on the sauteed seafoods. Bring it to boil.

5. While waiting, boil water for the pasta. Cook the pasta for 11 minutes or until it is "eatable" and drain it out with a strainer.

6. Get some cooked pasta, top it with the oh-so yummy sauce, and finish it with parmesan cheese! Enjoy!!!!

Complexity: Low
Affordability: Carry lang
Taste: Superb!

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