Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hair Remover: Sticks and Pulls

I do sacrifice for beauty, but I don’t go beyond “hurting” myself just to suffice my vanity. Waxing tops this. I was first introduce to getting rid of my leg hairs when I was in my third year in college with my partner in crime – Rolla. We shaved our legs for our upcoming escapade that time. Since then, I regularly use shavers to smoothen my legs as hairs become more and more evident.

I’ve had one or two attempts, too, to use shave’s counter part – the waxing. I remembered buying one of the random brands at Watsons and tried it. Gosh, it was a punishment for me! I absolutely did not like the pain it gave me, plus the fact that I really did not get a very good result. Leg hairs were still there, thus I resolved to use again shavers. That moment, I knew I won’t be looking back again to any of those products.
But after several years of being contented with shaving my legs (like almost everyday!), I finally gave waxing a second chance. This, in the product named Nanny Rose’s Sticks and Pulls.

We are now in a league of natural disasters, but I recognize that I am not a full-fledged concern citizen. However, in my own little way, I do help – like supporting products which use a more earth-friendly material. I love how this is packed! The pink font perceives a feeling that what you have inside is carefully prepared by your grandma. Well, I do remember my grandma’s own handwriting with this!

 Now running down through the product, one thing I noticed is that the jar is only half filled. It is for me a waste of the packaging and also seems like cheating on consumer. I hate products being packed to appear bigger.

I actually don’t expect much from the product. I thought it is something not so different from other non-effective hair removers. But I was wrong! The pain was bearable, and the hairs? REMOVED!!!

gross, i know! :p

You just need to allot more time and patience when doing the ritual. The product itself is too sticky that you need to put an effort in scooping it out and apply to hairy areas. Then there is that putting it in small amount in relatively smaller area so as to put concentration on when pulling the cloth.
This is the first time I've tried an effective hair removal so as of today, this tops my list!


  1. I haven't tried waxing before. Haha I just shave. (Scared lang)

    BTW, I shared an award to you. Check it here


  2. you try it girl. dab a little lang first. hehe. thanks!