Sunday, April 17, 2011

...And I Go For Organic Products

The term "organic" denotes a positive feeling for me. When I hear this word, I associate this to products made with love to both nature and humanity. I construe this as my way of helping our local farmers and small entrepreneurs, and shave off some profits from these multinational companies. I love reading products' ingredients which do not have any chemicals on it. It makes them simple, no any complications on it.

It is because of these things that I found myself one time inside a small place in Market! Market! called Sensou (I don't know if I got the name right). There I purchased three products which now replaced my three basic bath companions - shampoo, conditioner, and face soap.

Ask if I like these products? Gah, I adore them! The Human Nature shampoo and conditioner duo are one of the best tandem I have so far for hair care. The smell is very interesting that it reminds me of a fresh orange everytime I feed my hair with the shampoo. One thing that is remarkable is that the shampoo can even be used as a body wash! It only means one thing, it is gentle enough to nourish your skin as well. For me, this is a good sign for a product. The product is also crystal clear unlike the very commercialized shampoos.

The conditioner is my hair's rejuvinator. It is like water to my body whereby it gives my hair a glowing and healthy feel without the bitter effect of chemicals. I am literally in my wash and wear hair now - with a much better result!

I trust their claim. :)

Another great find for me was the Ilog Maria facial soap. This soap, wrapped in just a clear plastic with a simplest name on it, speaks for itself. It does not need any cute or flowery words just to make you buy it. It does not even have a bombastic or too good to be true tag lines that marketings is best known for. Ilog Maria does not dwell its effort on making cute packaging and all - that I am sure of. This soap is transparent that made it more interesting. The reason? They put so much honey and propolis enough for this high-grade soap to claim the word "transparent". I am a science boo boo that I would not know why honey would be best for my face, but through the use of this soap, I know it is an instrumental ingredient in attaining my pimple-free and glowing skin. The smell is oh so pleasing to the nose as well. I tell you, you got to try it! I still have one test for Ilog Maria though to make it my most preferred soap for my face - that is when I have my PMS attack. We'll see. :)


  1. good am, nakita ko po yung link nyo sa human nature website, I'm using the same products yung conditioner and the shampoo, are you also selling human nature products? I wnted to be a distributor, I also have a blog but not of my kikay products do you think its helpful kung iblog ko yung mga ginagamit ko? and about the ilog maria soap ano pong exact name? would i be able to test the efficacy of a prod. kapag may pms attack=)?kasi ganun din ako e kapag may pms ako nagkaka pimple ako and mahirap matagal yung marks maputi pa naman ako, hehe. it might be weird receiving a comment from a stranger but I guess its natural when you're blogging right? I hope to hear from you =)

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  3. i made a very long enquiry and comment and its gone, hehe. yung thank you and Godbless lang na post so ms. dhalj how can I contact you other than your blog? I just wanted to ask for advice being a newbie blogger. Thanks and Godbless!

  4. hi pia! don't worry i got your inquiry via my email. i don't sell human nature products, i am just a mere fan of their products. :) unfortunately, i left my bar of ilog maria in my hometown so i was not able to test it during PMS period.

    as for blogging what you're using, best to do it if you are really both a fan of writing and making reviews of the products or other stuff. i am also a newbie blogger or should i say a moody blogger so i just really do this out of love for scribbling my thoughts and documenting my reviews. :)

    shoot me an email anytime at! thanks!