Monday, June 27, 2011

Maybelline Crayon Liner

I’m too stressed at work and I ended up giving in to the itchiness of my system to blog. I wanted to blog since last Thursday but work just eats up most of my time. Boo. Anyway, I attended to some of my toiletry buying yesterday and managed to sneak out this Maybelline Eyestudio Crayon Liner.

I remember that my first ever entry on this blog is about eyeliner. It was Stila’s gel liner which was the first expensive make up I’ve bought. I loved that product until its little brush turned out like a used broom, with the hairs exploding all over. It became too difficult to use and eventually, I forgot about those pots which sitted in my boyfriend’s car for several months. I checked them last time and they were now dried up.

Honestly, I really don’t regard an eyeliner as a must in my make up routine. I find too much effort in applying it and with my daily schedule of almost beating the clock on my way to office, I really don’t have that luxury of time to patiently apply them. But when I look into the pretty faces in magazines, somehow I see that eyeliners give an extra appeal to the eyes. It is something that defines your eyes.

And so when I accidentally saw this Maybelline eyeliner hanging in one of the shelves, I found myself taking a look at it and grabbing them for a price of Php 149! The price is relatively cheap so if I will let it sleep on my kit, it is not much of a wallet damage. =) Aside from the price, the product’s three claims contributed to my decision to buy it. These are: waterproof, smudgeproof, and long lasting - three most important features for an eyeliner!

I applied them today and my initial comments are:
     a. As a pencil liner, I find it too easy to apply because I can control it

     b. It glides smoothly on my lid and the end point is very slim making it very manageable to use
     c. Easy to blend which is very important especially if you put too much of it

I don’t have any negative vibes to this product as of the moment only that I worry that if it became dull and I need to sharpen it, I could not achieve the end point that it has now. Other than this, I think I am good with my new pencil liner!

EDIT: This is quite hard to wash off. I wash my face at least twice when I use this.


  1. Awww, sayang naman yung Stila gel liner mo. Bili ka na lang ng angled-brush.

    Maybelline has cheap pero super good quality eyeliner gel too. Nag-splay na rin yung brush ko, bumili na lang ako ng brush

  2. super dry na siya rae, as in! haha. parang kadiri na gamitin pa!

  3. Lagyan mo ng... 1-2 drops ng distilled water or visine, tapos squish mo :P

    Napanood ko sa youtube. :P

    Try mo, kapag successful, gawan mo ng blog entry :) Yey.

  4. Hi! Nice reviews. Please keep them coming. Thanks!

  5. Thanks. :) I'll try as mostly, I have that so-called love-hate relationship with blogging. lol.