Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Face Shop Nail Color in PK108

I spent my night painting my nails on my own so as to release my stress from work. I wanted to get some swatches of my O.P.I Pirates of the Carribean but ended up not finishing it because my short attention span kicked in when I just finished the first shade. When I returned the bottles in my nail polish kit, my eyes were caught up by this bottle from The Face Shop and realized that I haven't really used this shade on my hands (actually, I've just used this once in my feet).

I really don't intend to wear them instead, I just wanted to try it on and with out any clear reason, I used my left hand to paint my right nails. I expected it to be messy but I was so surprised that my left hand was doing a decent job on dressing up my nails! It is not perfect but it is very much wearable and so I decided to finish it. I'm not sure why though but my right nails (painted by my left hand) have little bubbles. Nevertheless, I am keeping my nails in Pink 108. :)

Pink 108 shade plays strategically between pink and red giving that aura of sweet yet sexy! It is so refreshing to see that upon gliding the brush, the polish embraces my nails like it found its home. Just like a good make up, it is very "pigmented" that on first application, it already gave a promising result. I like the fact that this shade is wearable both at work and on casual days.

Anyhow, here is my end product:

Top with:

I have used other shades from The Face Shop and I've experienced chipped nail polish after a day so I am not really expecting high as regards to its staying power. Well see. :)

P.S. Lesson learned: Don't assume things at first or second tries. Just like applying nail polish using my left hand, I did not know I improved or made it workable until tonight. LOL. So never close your doors to possibilities. :)


  1. Ang ganda. Very flattering sa skin tone mo. Try mo rin yung BR806 ng The Faceshop. Medyo reddish sya pero hindi yung tipong in-your-face na red :)

  2. I'm loving "darker" shades like this from TFS. Usually their lighter shades are a bit streaky (at least, from my experience). But the shades are all really nice! :D