Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Personally Assembled Bracelets

My boyfriend's mom introduced me to the world of accessory making last Holy Week. She has a magnanimous collection of pearls, fancy stones, beads, and other tools needed to create an accessory! Let me tell you one thing, these accessories we find at the malls, whether high end or casual ones, are not rocket science to make. You need to learn them but it is not something that you need to muster the skills in years. One secret I'd tell you also is that there is a vast supply of what you need for accessory making in the land called Quiapo! And yes, they have readily available accessories too!!! Two words to describe the store - chic and cheap!

So one Saturday morning, we went there to get my own loads of supply. Gosh, I was overwhelmed when I step into the stores. Accessories of all sorts are there and I don't know where to start! Maybe in one of my posts, I'd share to you what I have hoarded. Meanwhile, I'll dedicate this post to the first batch of bracelets I've assembled which I now use as my accent in the office or in casual weekend malling. :)
These bracelets are a no-brainer product as I only needed a nylon, scissors, and beads to come up with this one but I am very proud of my achievements! Lol. The clustered bracelets perfectly make my whole outfit a lot more interesting. Anyhow, below is the rundown of photos.

Accessory making is beginning to become my another outlet when I'm stressed and just want to do something that doesn't require too much of my tired brain cells. I also love the fact that it is one of the things that my boyfriend's mom and I love to do. Sweet bonding moments, eh? :)

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