Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Productive Saturday Morning

I was unusually up by 9 AM today! I don't know what happened to my sleep fairies but I am not up and going on a Saturday morning! So to start the day right, I jumped from my bed to my stationary bike and rolled the pedals! I like how I was situated beside my window and the sun knocking off my face. The sweat, ah the sweat!

I want to make use of my early time to bond with the bike so I thought of doing other things while doing the exercise. Vanity and exercise in one? Why not! I grabbed my Watson's Repairing Treatment Wax scooped an ample amount of it and lather it on my hair, and sported the shower cap. It was an impromptu hair treatment galore! Next in line was my Tony Moly's Tomatox. I spent another 10 minutes applying it on my face. I felt like serving three masters all in one time! My body weight, my hair, and my face! LOL.

So this is what I look like when juggling on those three things!

It's one of the biggest advantage for me to have a stationary bike at home because it gets me to exercise without spending my time preparing to go to the gym or park to jog. it's the most convenient way for me to shed those sweats even in my "pambahay" get up. :)

It was a healthy 30 minutes spent! Now it gives me no guilt to indulge on these food (that I personally cook (or fry?))! Yum yum!

And the best thing so far for today? I've taken my bath before the noon strikes! On a lazy Saturday. Hoooray!!!

Happy Saturday!

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