Sunday, October 9, 2011

Shoe Good!

EDIT: Shoe #5 (Mary Jane Brown Shoes) is already sold!
            Shoe #6 is sold to me! :D

It breaks my heart that i need to let go of these shoes because they won't fit me... Ive waited for so long for these to arrive (I bought this online) but it's not my luck.

Anyway, I want these beautiful shoes to be unleashed to the world beacuse they deserve it and I need gorgeous ladies to be their muses!

Selling these shoes at their net prices (price, shipping and custom taxes excluding the hassle of claiming them :p).

Get them at 1850 (already includes the shipping). Please email me at if you are interested.

why i bought it:

the heels are killer ones in their own rights. add up the studs beautifully placed around the shoes and the subtle color of pink. all these sum up to one thing - a statement pumps!

why i bought it:
black as sophisticated and classy, pink to be girly and sweet. these two combined? you'll get an attention-grabbing shoes! 
why i bought it:

you can never go wrong with black pieces, shoes included. if there this little black dress, you gotta have that classy black shoes - this is it!

why i bought it:

an eye candy! nothing can be lovelier than a combination of white and pink. it may seem so girly but the thick heels says that it is designed to be an epitome of a strong woman!
why i bought it:

it's something that i envision to be fiercefully good with a skinny jeans, a shorts, and even a dress!

why i bought it:
one word - fierce!

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