Wednesday, June 20, 2012

No Title Post

Laptop hibernated. face washed. teeth cleaned. hair combed. I am ready to sleep when... I reached for my notebook...again. Given that all the sites I frequent daily already have a page view from me for today, my fingers typed away this blog's address. So here I am, surviving the first paragraph.

There I go. On to my second group of sentences. So why did I momentarily ceased to jot down random things here in my little cyper space? One reason popped up straight away from my mind - the hatred of taking photos to include in my post. This might be one of the subtle differences of a writer and a blogger. A writer can create a very good piece for reading without the help of the "clicks" while a blogger tend to load unthinkable amount of photos in each post. The former being a lover of words and ideas, the latter as uploader of pictures with some straight and simple sentences. I am neither, I think.

In my quest to create a very interesting piece by scrambling the words stylishly, I began to grow that pressure within me. I want to tell the world that I write not to blog, but I write because I have something worthwhile to share. I, too, am often lured into reading pieces in the net with very nice photos to the point of  forgetting to appreciate the real intent of the article. Or in some cases, forget how crappy the sentences were constructed and were just covered up by "pretty" photos.

So I am on my fourth bucket of sentences and is still surviving without a photo. Am I a writer? Not. A blogger? Not. I am a crazy corporate woman who tends to find solace in writing random things in this space. And by random does not necessarily nean it is worthwhile to read - like this one! Lol.



  1. Hey Dahlj, I don't want to sound like a know-it-all in blogging, but I wrote something that my help. I experienced the same thing and somehow I was able to bring back blogging mojo. Here it is: Blogging Burnout

    Glad you're back.

  2. Yeah, read your article about that one. ako naman i don't really feel pressured kung may maisusulat ako or what, the hell i care! haha. what stops me lang is the laziness to take photos. hahaha.

  3. For a time na-pressure ako, haha, kapag na-ppressure ako, wala akong nasusulat. :P

    I think ok lang kung walang picture or isang picture lang. Di na din nga ako nag-w-watermark. Feeling ko nga, pag may picture di na binabasa ng iba, tinitingnan lang yung picture tapos mag-cocomment about the picture and what they think of what you wrote based on the picture.