Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Do and A Slight of Hair Color By Piandre

I've been lamenting how my hair is too unruly, too dry, and too long over the past few weeks. I must admit, I am not really blessed with a nice, manageable hair that I always resort to the mercy of salons or just simply sport my lifeless hair. Blow drying my hair is one savior but not everyday that I can afford to spend my time facing the mirror and getting my own blow dried hair. Not only it is hassle, but more importantly, I could not get the "right" state of a blowdried hair.

The last time I had my hair cut, I was too happy with the result but I cannot keep up with it everyday. I mean, hello, the strokes and the blowdrying style is just too hard to copy - I am not even an inch clsoer to how my hair dresser in Piandre does my hair. There are times that my hair suits my taste but most of it I am dreaming of how it was the moment I stepped out of the salon.

So with all the depression that I had with my hair, I finally went back to Piandre to ask my stylist, Ms. Elsa, to chop my hair as short as shoulder length. But she did not agree and said that I make it a bit longer than shoulder lenght. As hairstylist knows best, I agreed to her. I also got my hair some colors to shy away from pure black which I have been sporting since day one of my life. Yes, this is my first hair color!

tea and cookie to keep my company

magazinr spread that made me dread for another TB tote and sandals

Piandre at Greenbelt 1 is a huge place which makes me like it. It sure does a lot of clients but the bigger area gives you some kind of a personal space. I love its simple and clean interior. I also like the fact that they ahve a lot of assistants and there is really someone dedicated to you.

I think I can't afforf to be bald... me with my fave errand tote bag from Tory Burch

The color that Ms Elsa recommended is a slightest one citing that I have a black hair and it is my first time to get a color. I really did not bother selecting one for myself as I do not know the ins and outs of hair coloring. I fully trusted her.

While Raymond, the assistant was applying the color in my hair, I had my toe nails done. it was aged ago when I got a pedicure so it was really high time to prettify my feet. At a hefty price of Php 300, I really did not enjoy my pedicure. You know me, I am the kind of person who wants every edge of my nails being nippered adn all the dry skin taken out. I did not get that even though I asked my nail therapist to take out the ingrown. It was a quick pedi with an O.P.I. nail lacquer on my nails (in San Tan-Tonio somethng shade).

my painted toe nails

So after an hour or so, application of hair color is done and Raymond had it rinsed for Ms. Elsa to do the cut. I am really amazed with the master hair cutters. I mean, it's a tough job and I personally could not visualize how they do the strokes and shapes and what nots in the world of hair cutting.

Here is my new do... and my light brown something hair:

while fitting some pieces at Forever 21!

after 10 pairs of changing clothes

5 hours after hairstyling

Can I just say I love the power of blowdrying? I think more than anything else, it is the blow dry who keeps your locks, your waves, your straight hair, or any other hairstyle in a stated that you want them to be.Must be cool to have a house help who knows how to blowdry your hair! Salon-like hair everyday at the comforts of your home!  

So there it is. I am happier now than how I was when I was still wearing longer hair. :) I just hope I can manage to dry up my hair before going out of the house! I want to be a blowdry guru!!!! LOL.


  1. Did you get the dress? If not, you should have! Ang ganda nya sayo.

    1. i did! next post (pero tamad na ako magblog tanayt!). :)

    2. Nga pala, Lizzie is offering free blog design, email her, here's the link to her post

    3. oh thanks! did she dress up your blog?