Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Quiapo Find: Trunk Organizer and Cooler

Who loves the art of bargain hunting? I do! That happy feeling radiates when you scout for gems buried into the tiny sometimes crowded little stalls and all that. I think my shopaholic nature ranges from high to lower end stuff that I still find joy whenever I visit Quiapo or Divisoria or have some of my things shipped from the US. I just have the same level of happiness!

So Friday of the long weekend was spent again with Levy's family. We paved our way to Quiapo and Divisoria and scored some pieces for our different needs. His mom went for christmas parols which she got 5 dozens of them! His sis-in-law patrolled for thick jackets which can be used for mountain climbing and I went there practically for eveything! :) Oh, and since tita's driver is out, we had Levy to service us. Such a sweetest son, in law, and boyfriend!!!

So this is one of the gems which I got from Quiapo:

The magic words are "trunk" and "organizer". You know why? Let me give you a bird's eye view:

See, I pity Levy's car trunk (yes, it's the trunk!). It's not just my roaming closet, but a messy mobile closet that is. Uhm, it has been for years so it's a shame that I finally got one just now. I know, I know, I am such a disorganized freak. My things are just everywhere!!!

Finally, I was in the mood to fix it up and I was amazed as to how quick it was. Me and my laziness sometimes! After like 10 ten minutes, the trunk looks like this:

Except for my clothes, all of my things are piled in the the organizer! I adore this sleek and functional design - very space saving and very appropriate as a keeper of my things!    

I also like the fact that it is collapsible and portable. I could transfer my stuff in one go! This is priced at Php268. Not bad at all!

Uhm, like me, do you have messy things tucked in your car's trunk? :D

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