Wednesday, March 17, 2010

AVON Velvet Lip Color Review

Okay. I am still in my office. The red flag is up and I am just too lazy to get up and hit the road back to my place. I was literally cleaning the content of my bag awhile ago and got rid of all those mess inside. Ulk, I know I'm gross. Ha ha.

Anyway, I got hold of my modest vanity kit. My kit was running out of color lippies last week and I am waiting for my NYX stuffs this Saturday from my favorite online store, But oh yeah, I seem to like my lips still coated over the week. I saw a booklet of AVON from our guard's table so I had a glimpse of it, browse some pages, and finally picked smooth velvet lip color.

tube of my lippie's paint
I love how it is packaged in black tube as it exudes a sense of adulthood and it project an aura for serious business. I love how the shade of pink is giving a hint on what's inside. I like how "pink" it is as you can opt to either have it as barely pink or a screaming pink. :)

What's inside the tube

You are not mistaken if you see a dry lip brush. No, it's not because this one's already old in my kit (after all, I won't take it's picture nor make this blog if it is!). It is really dry. I was expecting for a sort of glossy appeal but it's not.

lippies with the lip color (no lip gloss)

It is not that evident in the photo but once you apply it to your lips, it has a flaky effect and sometimes would give you like small spots of paint scattered in your lips.

and now with The FaceShop's lip balm for final coat

Thanks to my all around lip balm who gave gloss to my pink and dry lips! It easily blends in to the texture of my lip color.
wearing the AVON velvet lip color

And so the verdict? So-so :|

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