Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My flavor of the month!

OK. I must admit, I am a copy cat of Projectvanity.com's blog owner, Liz. I browsed through her blog and found that pair of yellow shoes a must-buy for me. The power of blogs - subconciously influencing you to try out things!

So on that fateful Thursday night, I rushed through The Ramp at Glorietta and picked up those lovely pairs. Just like Liz, I really want to get the hot pink. I just fell in love with the color. But to my dismay, no size fitted me so I moved to second choice - the not-so dark and not so light blue. This is so I won't be too Liz-ish. :D Again, no size for me. :( Still, I wanted to have a pair. Even yellow, even if I exactly bought like what Liz has. I just want my pair!

My babies are going out of the box!

they are just too lovely!

another shot of these cool summer stuff!

a closer look of what it is made of....

yeah, it's me - tonic!

and they're just too eager to welcome my feet!

there you are!

I swear this pair has given me so many praises from my boss, to my friends, and even to a stranger who happened to ride the same plane with me going back to Manila from Bacolod!

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