Monday, March 15, 2010

Pantene is a WIN!

I am a self-confessed Pantene 3-min miracle lover. This product is simply a chocolate for my hair, it makes my crowning glory happy! But anyway, let's save my review for the product on my next blogs. =)

Last weekend, I went to Waltermart grocery store to spend a "cold" afternoon there, and on a side trip buy some things I need - toiletries, some canned goods for the last-resort-when-nothing-is-available thing, and other auxillary goods displayed which I think (or so I thought) I would need.

Another thing that I enjoy most when lurking the grocery stores are the quirky promos, such as tie-ups and buy one take one scheme. But heck, I don't dive too soon when I see those bold letters F-R-E-E, of course i do some quick calculations before finally putting them on my push carts (what's the use of being a CPA if I won't practice it, ayt? *wink*). Anyway, what capture my attention was the nicely packed Pantene hair regimen.
I was actually interested on the 3-minute miracle inside the package and nothing else. When I checked on the price tag, man, it's only Php 164.00! This 3-min things is regulary priced at Php 125.00. This took me half a second to realize that this is a WISE BUY! A shampoo, conditioner, and my favorite tiny tube for a cheap price! It was just so amazing!
This is one of my nice buys for the week. Well, I have seen all these Pantene promos for quite long now but I guess this one is the cheapest. So why don't you run now, yes now, on you favorite grocery stores and hoard these products, eh?!

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