Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stila Cosmetics: Smudgie Little Pots of Mine!

Make-ups. This is one of the fewest things that cripple my being an adventurous lady. No, it's not that I am an overly afraid vixen when a jar of concealer is slashed on my face. It's just that when it comes to the face's flirty companion, I am more on the safe side.

It is when my good friend Armie, owner of http://www.carefreeshopper.multiply.com/ introduced me to an exclusive-in-Rustans-shelf line of make up called "Stila" that I gradually tried to hop around the garden of beautiful shades of make-ups! Okay. What did I get? I had the smudge pot, the gel cheek color, and the lip glosses!

Spare me, I don't have the photos of gel cheek as it is already close to retirement and so is the not-so-nice tube out there. It only means one thing - I am using it everyday leading to its natural wear off. :D The lip glosses were given to bf's sister whose the older make-up lover! The verdict? She loves those little tube of different shades! And so these tiny pots clad in gray, bronze and black. They are are my smudge pots!
My pots, which come with a very slim and firm brush, give me that aura of an adventurous chick but blended with a feminine taste. Black is fierce, gray is the perfect mixture of both aura, and my run-away winner - the bronze, is something that my eyes clamor for. I can brush it off my upper lids in a more voluminous manner without emitting a wild signal that a wild party is coming out. It's shimmery texture wraps up this whole idea of the bronze shade!

Be careful though when you are applying them to you as one wrong move would cause you a re-work!

aren't they lovely?

and they came with their mother brush!

Never underestimate these little pots as they come so powerful in the field of glamour!

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