Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cute Finds at Japan Home Center!

It was quite a while since I have visited Japan Home Center. This store is one of the places I go to whenever I want to kill time and just want to browse things in display without having a particular thing in mind to buy. Earlier today, I got to see these cute finds at their Park Square branch!

tiny candles each bearing the letters HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
aren't they cute? I'd love to have a cake with these lovely candles on scattered all over!

it's so feminine! Hello Kitty, the heart, the color pink!
this will definitely steal a show in the office!

I need more of these organizers! perfect for disorganized people like, uhm, me. :D

good thing i looked down and scrolled my eyes to these ropes!
just in time for the paper bags that i am currently doing!
i just love 'em!

what else is a better way to play bahay-bahayan? it's having cooking utensils as real as it get!
i bet my niece Alsace would love these tiny stainless toy utensils!

school is next to summer! these cute sharpeners kept underneath the globes are a must-buy!

having a beach party or outing? grab these neon-colored to define summer more!
go for bright colors, baby!

manicure and pedicure are women's bestest friends. 
what a cooler way of having all these pampering done?
Flowery emery boards for a more feminine touch!

So how about you? When are you doing your next (or your first) japan hunting? :D

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