Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tomas Morato's Yummy Restaurants

One thing I like about Quezon City is the hidden treasures of restaurants, particularly in the streets of Tomas Morato. They have restaurants that can only be found there. I'm thankful that I get this chance to work outside Makati and see the other side of the metro.

Here are some of the random (and favorite) picks I have of those kept treasures of the busy street!

1. Bagoong Club
Situated in an old-fashioned Spanish style house, Bagoong Republic is truly a club of bagoong! Generally, all dishes are spiced up / cooked with this to-die for Filipino cuisine. Needless to say, they are up for Filipino food!

Known for: Bagoong!
Personal Favorite: Pastillas de leche
Address: 122 Scout Dr. Lazcano, Sacred Heart, Quezon City.

2. Romulo's Cafe
This restaurant is accentuated with only three colors - black, white, and green. Again, this place is a house-then-now-restaurant trend. If Bagoong Club is an old fashioned dine-in place, Romulos is more of a modern style place. The designs are minimalist with a touch of classy effect because of the limited color combination. 

But like BC, RC is also an all-filipino cuisine restaurant - with a twist! In Makati, I can relate it to Fely J's but way cheaper. 

Yes, you are right with the theory that this cafe is very much associated with Carlos P. Romulo. The refreshing walls of the cafe has several frames depicting the life of the latter.

true to its concept, even the menu book is dominated by black and white!

the kitchen not far from the lawn where we were situated.

Known for: Flying Fish
Personal Favorite: Flying Fish
Address: Also at Scout Dr. Lazcano, at the opposite road of Bagoong's
Website: Best blog from

3. Uno Cafe
Uno is a super cozy place kept in the little streets of 195-C Tomas Morato cor. Scout Funtabella St., Quezon City. I haven't tried their food, but I bought a whole Fallen Cake. I fell in love with it! My officemates are endorsing this place for good steaks. I will try it one of these days!

The place is literally cozy, with just a small number of seats and tables - really perfect for a relaxing dining experience. The restaurant is not also equipped with so much decorations, in fact their walls are empty, only off white paints hugging it. I would say it is the best way to know if food really is good - no fancy designs, no gimmicks - just food.

4. I Have Two Eggs
Soon to be merged with Red Moon, this restaurant is a place to eat all-day breakfast! Say tapa? They have different types of it! Say eggs? They have two for each of us! Lol! The unique ones for me in the cafe are tapa teriyaki and crispy tapa. Yes, crispy tapa it is, not crispy pata! Briliant right?

Known for: Tapsilogs
Personal favorite: Tapa Teriyaki
Address: 238 Sct. Bayoran cor. Tomas Morato
5.  Bacolod Chicken Parilla

If you are looking for a Bacolod chicken inasal that is closest to that of Bacolod's Manokan Country, head off to Parilla. Ilonggo-speaking waiters would add to that hometown feeling. Being a Negrosanon, I am so much into the taste of inasal. Of course, Bacolod's tastes can't be imitated, but theirs are closest to it! The  

Known for: Chicken Inasal
Personal favorite: Sinigang na salmon head
Address: 238 Sct. Bayoran cor. Tomas Morato



  1. I was starving because of your post.I wish I can go in all places you said.

    Jacob of nuvali restaurants

  2. Hi Jacob! sorry, i was on blog hiatus, tomas morato is really an interesting strip of resto. nuvali, too!!! I've been planning to go on bird watching there!!!