Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Shoes' Review!

As vixen 2 would describe me, I am a sucker not only for clothes but for shoes, bags, accessories, and recently make-ups. Okay, I need not to mention food. :D To sum all these, I am a sucker for shopping!

I am a lover of matching shoes and bags. Whenever I am in the office, you can rarely see me in different colors for these two stuffs together. Recently, when I had my "thrifty" purchase, I got four pairs in an oh-so-you-cant-believe-it price!

I like the combination of the shoes. It implies a professional look because of the pointed tip with in a leather-like texture and a sophisticated look because of its suede texture all over.

The shoes is so perfect for office and I think is good as well on short dresses as it is some sort of an ankle boots!

As much as possible, I don't buy shoes with suede texture as I am not a good caretaker of my shoes, uhm, not girly when walking - to be more upfront! but since this is cheap, I did grab them!

The second best buy was this brown peep toe, snake-skin and suede combination! The shoes is so sexy to look at, with its combined fierce and sweet image brought about by the textures' combination.
Oooops, the network cable in the pic tells you I'm doing the pictorial and blog during office ours! :p

Will it make it in New York too? I am confident it will! lol!
The pearls encircling on top of the striped ribbon just adds up to the feminity of the shoes

Suede again!

I still have another two purchases but unfortunately, I do not have their photos taken. Will post it in my next blog entry!

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