Thursday, April 15, 2010

Grocery Shopping

I was supposed to buy only 3 packs of low-fat milk for my fourth day GM diet plan (another blog will be posted for this topic as soon as I'm done with my 7-day diet plan!) at Mercury when Levy tapped me to instead do a quick grocery shopping at Shopwise Makati. I prolly like Shopwise as it closes late so office workers can still do their household task of buying grocery even at 10 PM.

We strolled the store for about an hour (was it quick?) and as usual, I end up buying lots of toiletries! This time though, I deviated to the usual brands I take - for a change. Here's some of the things I got:

I am alternating usual brands you see on TV such as Pantene, Rejoice, Head & Shoulders, etc for my hair.
But when I saw this brand whose price is seemingly competitive wih the housebrands, I grabbed them! After all, the 400 ml of my old brands play at 180-190 php, this one is at 205 php. Little difference for a new experience, right? Schwarzkopf is it! :)

I don't have a particular deodorant. The last pieces that I bought were the roll-on types and I find it too hassle to apply on. A couple of seconds or even minutes is a waste of time trying to raise your arms in the air to let your armpits get dry. And so I went back to the spray-type. Nivea then, Rexona now. :)

Ok. I'm taking a puase first with PH care and Lactacyd and gave a try to this Carefree feminine wash. I actually do not see any difference between the earlier brands, so I don't expect any from this new purchase. :)

I love shower wash. I particulary like the one in Body Shop and the original version of this Johnson's body wash. Now, i gotta try this silver-capped bottle!

I have these two tubes in my cart as I cannot choose what to get (I've been with Ponds for years). I am quite safe when it comes to face so I was anxious to try the Olay. But, Levy was the one who lined up in the counter so I ended up having both tubes! Okay, so it's Carla Abellana and Heart Evangelista in my shower kit!

As part of my 7-day diet plan, I bought zero-calorie sugar as I cannot live with black coffee. I just couldn't!

This is not a new buy but I just want to share with you one of the "unusual" things in my vanity kit - the Salonpas! I love how not messy it is when I apply and it is just so automatic for me to pull this out whenever I feel stressed! It's on-the-go!

I had toiletries everything in my cart, with no food at all. Lol!

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