Monday, April 19, 2010

Sour & Cream Fish!

I am a lover of Taters' Chips. Sour & cream and white cheese are my top two favorite flavors. But since I am on my 7-day GM diet, this one 's a no-no for me. Yet, my taste buds are clamoring for the sour & cream feeling in my tongue. :(

Levy's my savior once again. Why don't you have fish instead of the potatoes then buy the flavoring? Brilliant! And wha'ts best with it? I didn't take me 10 steps to do it!

Here's how!

Primary ingredients for me!

Cut the creamy dory! 
I sprinkled over black pepper and iodized salt before I tossed them to the frying pan!

 Dress up with sour & cream flavoring!
You can add shrimps too!!!


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