Monday, May 24, 2010

Sulit Finds at JC Plaza!

I love discovering new and thrift places to hoard my things! Last Friday night, as I hunted for my friend's soap somewhere in Kamuning, I found not just the soap but adorable and CHEAP accessories that can battle out those in malls and boutiques. Yes, cheaper than ones in tiangges or bazzaars! Yes, it's in JC Plaza along Gener St.!

I so want to share with you all my new finds!

Can you believe all these cost less than php 300?

at php 112.00! t
rendy "what-you-call-this-bracelet-again-?"

Metal flower earrings at... Php 21.00!
Yes, php 21.00 it is! very very best buy!

also at php 21.00!
now you can imagine how my system shivers and that wanting to hoard everything!

 five-piece stainless bracelets with a wooden one at Php 112.00!
good, contrasting pieces, right? :)

And before I forget! I also find there one of the chocolates that I missed most - 3 musketeers!!! I love it!!! Yes, I divulge those bite-sized chockies before I can even get a photo of them. :D

Ah, can't wait to go back there!

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