Friday, May 14, 2010

NYXies Pretties!

At last, in my vanity kit lies my new babies - the NYX round lipsticks from CarefreeShopper! Armie was too kind to bring my lippies here in Manila after a numerous failed transactions I have with her (blame it on my laziness to drop my payments at the bank!).

Anyhow, I rest the burden on Armie's shoulders in choosing what shades would touch my lips. With a wide, and I mean WIDE array of choices, I just can't pick which five colors will I get! I trust and absolutely love her taste since college so I don't worry that I might end up with thw "wrong" once. And yeah, that adds up to my excitement! =)

CarefreeShopper hand picked these five truly lip smacking FUN colors for me!

I admit to be a shopper whom I intend to buy a lot if the stuff is to my liking. From clothes, to shoes, to bags, and of course, to make ups! So here I am, bought not just one, but five delicious-looking lippies!

And I just have to bear them all. "Kilig" is creeping through my system when I think of having five instant shades in my vanity kit! That is five times dressing up my lips. What's the coolest about this? I got five superb choices for only Php 900 bucks! Yes, mathematics will tell you that it only costs Php 180 pero tube! Ooohhhlala!!!

From pinky to thumb: tea rose, summer love, heredes, louisiana, narcissus

Let me give you a quick review for each:

1. Tea Rose is a balanced shade. It is safe and can be touted as the "casual day" color.

2. Summer Love, which is contradicting to its name,  is kind of the barely there type. For me, it is perfect for toning down your make-up if you wear your eyes heavily, or if you want to get a "parang wala lang" look at daytime.

3. Heredes exudes a strong appeal. With its brownish/orangeish shade, it surely gives you a confident look. Im thinking of wearing this whenever I have meeting presentation. :)

4. Louisiana was the first ever eye candy for me amongst the 50+ shades of NYX. In my perspective, it gives out a balanced effect of a playful and serious tone. It is pink but is very much wearable in a corporate world without diminishing the professional look.

5. Narcissus is a flirty, playful look that is perfect for dolling up your plain face or your plain wardrobe! It's bright pink color will surely draw up the attention to your lips!

NYX are heaven! I love them!

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