Wednesday, March 23, 2011

From coffee to tea

I grew up in my corporate life with coffee running through my system. It has been part of my any time of the day whenever I feel like pulling my blanket on my head or just simply just got nothing to do. I am adventurous, but when it comes to my beverage, I used to stick with coffee instead of nurturing my relationship with coffee’s friend, the tea. I did try some brands but I just find it too bitter that I cannot stand having a relaxing cup of something unfriendly to my taste buds.

It was until I tried one of the tea bags at Shangri La last time. It has such a great taste!

My most favorite is the peppermint flavor (in green pack). The minty flavor evens out the "bittery" taste. I also felt having a "modern" tea than the traditional one. It has been a week since I started replacing my cup of coffee to tea. I find it most suitable after I had eaten a big meal. The tea, as they say, speeds up your metabolism. I've also tried having an iced tea with Splenda as substitue for my sugar. Well, I do this if I am in my healty mode - and it's not that bad! I love it!

Now, here is my greatest dilemma. My hoarded packs from the hotel is depleting. I don't know where to get them. I've search in several supermarkets but I found none. Too bad....

I want my tea!!!

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