Monday, May 16, 2011

Kiwi Smiling Feet

Ok. Here I go again. The blogger in me was on temporary leave for the past month. Good thing I don’t treat this tiny interest as a source of credit to my bank account. In this way, I don’t owe anyone a shitty piece just because I need to create one. So…. let’s hit it on while I am in the mood to scribble! I’ve shopped for loads of stuff in my frequent “walking exercise” to the malls and today, I am sharing my thoughts on Kiwi Smiling Feet.

I love shoes - pumps specifically. I am an absolute believer that shoes either make or break an outfit. That explains why I have at least 15 pairs of office shoes. I love the art of power dressing with shoes as my strongest allies. But slipping my feet almost everyday with these close and sky rocketing heels hurts not just my lower legs but most importantly, my feet. Fashion over comfort - that's how women behave. I wear them, but secretly in my workplace I wear them off or if I need to do a long walking I turn my loyalty to my fitflops. I know how unflattering it is but what can I do, I always reach the surrendering point!

Tonight, while tearing my time at Watson's, I found something which I thought could help me with my problem. I want to wear my pumps all day without suffering the intense pain. This was in the pack of Kiwi Smiling Feet. I was actually torn between Kiwi and Watson brand because the former is priced at 260 php while the latter landed only at a price of 90 bucks. But in the end, I opted for Kiwi. Why? It is because it is thinner and softer - two things that I think are a must for a foot cushion. And yeah, I think Watson branded products fall under mediocrity.

I can't help but tried it on the moment I reach my place. I stand in my pumps with foot cushion on it while talking on the phone for at least 10 minutes. It was a good ól 10 minutes! My feet felt like lying on a comforter. It is not an awkward feeling too as as mentioned, it is thin enough to suit my pumps. I guess I found a friend in this gels!

Now, I can't wait to go to the office tomorrow and fully test the performance of my new discovery!

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