Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My New Hairstyle by Piandre

I had my usual rebonding session with Ystilo two months ago. On the true concept of the word "rebond", Ystilo delivered it to me. But I was looking for soem change for hairstyle and shoo away with my unstyled hair. I never had a side bangs or a visually creative layered hair. So after all the web search for the right salon for me, I landed on Piandre at Greenbelt. While I am hoping for a hairstyle that I longed, I did not set a high expectation on the outcome of my cut. I just gave a quick wishlist then endorsed may hair to my stylist Ms. Elsa.

During the session, I just buried my face on the magazines that were handed to me, never really looking as to where my hair's destiny is going. I put all my trust to Ms.Elsa. It was quick as we agreed not to cut my hair shorter (sayang ang rebond!) as I am blessed - insert sarcasm here- with a round face. Hair is the easiest tool to conceal my liability. After my hair was stricken with some cuts, my hair was blow dried and we're done! When I raised my head, I was so surprise on the outcome! It was stunningly beautiful!

It was too beautiful that I had apprehensions on how it will turn out the moment I wash my hair. I don;t have the luxury of time to blow dry my hair and if I have I am not skilled to get a very good result. I was appeased when my stylist and hairdresser told me that I just need to use a rollers to comb my hair.

After more than a week, my hair is still manageable! It is not as fantastic as the result during the first day but it is worth my happiness!

Above photo is taken on a random day, with little strikes of comb and yes, no blow dry. I am contented!

Ms. Elsa is one of the Senior Creative Stylists in Piandre 1 Greenbelt and she is awesome! She is the type who doesn't force you to what she likes, she is not the normal "pa-cool" stylist who is would boast and intimidate you, and best of all she knows what you need.  Her rate is at Php 700. It is quite over the top on the normal salon rates but I can say it is all worth it!

I am set to get my hair keratin and coloring with her. I am excited!

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