Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rave: Ilog Maria Honeymilk Cleanser & Moisturizer

I feel guilty that I only got to update this blog in times when I don't just have anything to do. It's like blogging is to boredom. Well, as I have said before this blog is not my milking cow so I am not really into forcing myself to blog just because... So as my heart is into blogging this long weekend, may I maximize it up to this last day!

On to my piece.

I had my greatest face breakout during those times that I am too eager to try anything on my face. It was a worst kind of feeling - the one that you feel you are a pimple with a face. Pimples were just sprouting out of my face like a mushroom.It was this horrible thought that made me swear I won't just take any luck on products to put on my face. I went back to basics.

I returned to Ponds facial wash which have been my standard facial wash ever since I caught the idea of good grooming. I was literally in wash and wear face skipping my other regimen such as cleanser and moisturizer. While my face leapt from worst to good,  I thought of getting a moisturizer as well as make up remover to further cleanse my face and to relax my face. I was looking for a really good product.

I met Ilog Maria Honeymilk Cleanser & Moisturizer while I was squanderring my time in Market! Market! and found this little store underneath the escalator. It was a normal browsing of organic product when I spotted this simple, white bottle that bears the name of Ilog Maria.

I have been using the product for abouth two months now and I am totaly loving it. I am loving it because of its price and effectiveness. At an econimical price of Php150, one of the lowest on its kind, you get more than what you pay.

I use this both as a cleanser or a make up remover and as a moisturizer - twice a day.

Here is tre run down on why I am proud as a user of this product.
  • It does condition my face when I need a morning moisture before applying my make ups
  • It gives a reasonable level of moisture chopping off the dry and scaly skin
  • It is flexible to use, either with bare hands or with cotton
  • It is an effective cleanser and make up remover
  • Its smell is very subtle - not too scented and not lifeless
  • The tube is in a decent size, enough to tuck it in your bag and use it whenever needed

I do not recommend wearing this product alone as it is not intended as such. This is best worn under your make up as it embraces your make up to avoid that flaky and scaly-like face. The photo is taken right after I swipe some and you'd see there's some kind of life in my face. I normally let it set for like a minute or two before putting on my make up. I am also happy to note that I did not break out on this beauty addition! Yes!

I really do commend this product. It just works perfectly with my make ups and befriends my face like a really true pal! Again, it is very commendable!!!


  1. I went to Ilog Maria Bee Farm for the first time last Sunday and I bought the same product, honeymilk cleanser, for P80. It gets easily absorbed and not sticky at all, love it! I also like how they run their shop, they collect rain water for their daily needs plus they are using solar power for electricity. The whole area is eco-friendly. It's worth a visit.

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