Monday, August 20, 2012

Those Pieces That Make Me Happy

Sometimes, it pays to scout all those hidden places to find gems! Aren't they awesome? Now I am in the midst of virtually collating all my pieces in my closets and shoe racks to find their best match!

A confession: I am not really into jewelries but I am so much into accessories.They are cheap and artistically carved out but is not a threat to wear especially on not-so-secured places. They scattered like mushrooms in stores that searching for a worthy piece is a fun thing to do! But of course, I do not discount the fact that jewelries give you a different ooommppphh when we talk about formal events and formal business meetings.

Also if you can notice, majority of the shades I got are more on earth colors. Black, gold, and white - I am in the mood for them now. They are so crisp, so timeless, and so chic! My shopping lately includes clothes mostly in these shades, too! It must be the age... yes, must be the age. :D

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