Monday, August 20, 2012

I Want This Exact Same Lipstick Shade (from Avon)!

Forgive me for an old, rubbish-like lipstick tube... but I can't help it! This lipstick from Avon has been one of my staple toys in my vanity kit for a long, long time! Along with my two other faves (my MAC Ruby Woo and Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creme in Abu Dhabi), this tube satisfyingly serves me for like since forever.

I think if you have lots of tubes ready to be your best friend, the one that stands out will surely get the spot. I have lots of lipsticks, most of them are either in my "second" vanity kit sitting in my closet or just simply lost my interest that they are now nowhere to be found. But this lipstick? It stood the test of time! Its dilapitated state says it all.  

Why, you may ask? Honestly, I love everything about it. It can stand alone without any lip balm. Yes, I do use it with my naked lips. The shade is just so fit for me, add up the right "creaminess" it gives while wearing it. It is perfect for almost any kind of look - the no make up look, the smokey eyes look, or the pinky blush look. Isn't it amazing? It is flirt and girly yet with a touch of simplicity and sophistication. The lasting power is commendable, too!!!

Sadly, I know my favorite lippy is on the verge of retirement. Moreso, I couldn't remember from what line is this and I can't seem to find this exact tube in the recent Avon brochures. Awww, how sad!!!

I.NEED.HELP! I badly, badly want another tube of this!!! SOS Avonph!

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