Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Make Up on the Road

Are you a morning person or a night owl? Do you dread getting out of the bed every morning? I'm a certified owl and I pull myself away from bed every morning!

The result? A cramming Dahlj who tries to squeeze in shower, dressing up (and sometimes ironing), and transferring my stuff from one bag to another. Make up is not even on my list. So there, as much as I love make up, it cannot surpass my addiction to sleep.

Make up on the road - that is it. Thanks to my awesome boyfriend who could bring me to the office or sometimes the cab driver who rummages the road amidst the heavy traffic. I do my quickest make up with only the basic ones that could just awaken my sleepy eyes and could bring my face to a presentable state.

Here's my key take away:

I. My fingers are my best friends
I don't use brushes as it is a hassle to bring out different ones for different purposes. My fingers are flexible and versatile enough to do the job. Of course, I pour a pea shape sanitizer on my hands before doing the task.

II. Compact foundation rather than loose powders
This one's a no-brainer. Not only because I don't take out my brush in the first place but also because I hate the loose powders squanderring on my clothes. You cannot apply it easily as your space is limited inside the car.

III. Travel sized kit 
Travel sized make up kit is time saving and very easy to handle while you are applying your blush, eye shadow, and lipstick.

IV. Pinky finger for a more steady hand
When applying my eyeliner and filling my eye brows, I usually get some precision and more stable hand through planting my pinky finger on my face. Just be wary though not to push it with your nails as it will create nasty marks.

V. Thanks to stop light!
When the traffic light hits the stop button, bring out your eye liner and quickly draw a line in your eyes! Oh at this time, I love stop lights!

VI. Bring out your phone and click!


  1. Nice tips! When I'm running really late, I just bring my powder compact and a lipstick - things that I can apply even when inside the car :D