Thursday, November 1, 2012

Crest Whitening Strips: The Story of Yellow Teeth

The photo above could have been perfect - nice smile, shiny hair, laid back pose... But the yellow teeth ruined it all. I am not blessed with pearly white teeth. This was how my teeth look until the year 2005. Needless to say, it brought my self esteem onto a floor level. Don't judge me, I do brush my teeth regulary. The least consolation that I could get during those times is that my teeth are stronger (they say).

Of course, I am not proud of it. In fact, I disgust it. It was in the late months of 2005 when the urge to fix my teeth was at its peak. I was searching for some remedy (I don't fancy the word dentist so it was automatically deleted in my options) when I stumbled upon Crest Whitening Strip. I had some qualms on getting one because I doubted its effectiveness. But nevertheless, I gave it a try. I searched for it locally but I cannot found a single box. So I had no choice but to have someone bring me this potion all the way from the US.

In a decent amount of time (two weeks to be exact), my teeth had that the-ugly-duckling-turned-a-beautiful-swan moment. Inch by inch, my teeth became whiter. It was a happy moment for me. I mean, seeing your self wearing a rather more presentable teeth gives you that boost on your confidence level.

See the difference (they are my bestest guy friends in the office by the way)? These photos were taken days after I finished my 14-day Crest affair. I was happy with the result. Up until today, I still use these powerful strips to lighten my stained teeth.

This product works on me but I do not claim any health safety. After all, I am not a dentist and I did not seek any professional opinion when I decided to use this product, :)

Anyway, do you like flipping old photos? I do! Scavenging through these photos gave me that familair nostalgia.

Yes, I miss my friends. :)

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