Saturday, November 3, 2012

Coach Flats: My Comfiest Pair of Flats

They say that you always got to have a balance in terms of wearing shoes. It is not good to wear sky rocketing heels all the time just as it is not advisable to wear flats all the way. There needs to have moderation - well, it is applicable to all things in life, ayt? So my pile of shoes does not only contain pieces that artificially give me height, but also those that help me accept the reality (that I am 5'3").

Flats are my savior amidst the glamorous and painful world of pumps and heels. I always have a pair with me especially in the office. So while I build up my kingdom of shoes, I see to it that I drag some flats onto my collection.

My current favorite is the one that I got from Coach. Oh thanks to my personal shopper (aka my friend Jenny) from the U.S. who never fails to bring us good and affordable branded items!

Don't get me wrong, I don't like this just because it bears the Coach logo. Let me tell you why instead. My first parameter to love a pair of flats is that it must be comfortable. Contrary to many beliefs, flats are also painful like any other closed shoes. This flats from Coach meets my expectation for the comfort that I am searching. I also like that it is not garterized at the heel portion because gartered flats are painful.

Another thing that I like about this pair is that it doesn't wrinkle, something that is common to flats. This is because the front portion is narrow enough that walking with it doesn't crumple the front view. It maintains the good physical condition of the shoes!

Aesthetic wise, I love the classic design. It is not that feminine but it still emits a lady effect. It can also be paired with basically any type of outfit - casual dress, skinny jeans, dainty shorts - and at any color at that.

How about you? Do you have the favorite pair of flats? :)

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