Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Art of Matchmaking!

Have you ever experienced buying a new stuff without thinking that it would match or look good on other stuffs already occupying your cabinets, shoe racks, or dresser? I did experience this from time to time and it makes me smile and make a little more proud of my new buy, wise buy I may say. This is also the very reason why I do not get rid of all my ancient stuffs (now you know how populated my place is!).

In my previous blog, I shared my flavor of the month - my yellow tonic shoes from The Ramp. I bought it, not because I have something in mind that will go along with my new toy, but just because I simply like it. Little did I know that my room back in Bacolod is keeping my less than 6-month old bag which I bought from Rockwell Bazzaar. And yes, you got it! It matches my shoes with its vibrant yellow and blue color plus its flowery design which complements the summer season!

my Villareal bag which I bought at Paula Peralejo's
 booth in one of the Rockwell bazzars!

look how vibrant the yello and blue colors are!
 perfect for summer, eh?

my favorite summer duo!

this is the nth time that I sported on my duo but my first photo though!
I had my photo taken before moviegoers flock at Glorietta's 3d moviehouse!

On Vixen 1:
T-shirt from Zara
Shorts from People are People
Shoes from Tonic, The Ramp
Bag from Villareal Bags

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