Friday, March 26, 2010

Secret Recipe's Chocolate Cheese

As posted in my other blog -, yesterday was a day of surprising news in our office. We needed happy genes, and so after devouring the creamy fruit salad as our dessert during the lunch meeting, our boss headed to Banana Fudge along Aurora to check out Magnolia ice cream selections. And since the last bomb was dropped during our supposed-to-be-building-happy-emotions break, all of us were still on our not-so-nice emotions. I needed more sweets in my system!

There you go. Secret Recipe's cheese cakes were topping my list while Levy and I were trekking the busy streets of EDSA. I don't want a heavy meal as I was physically drained at work so I took their mushroom soup with small italicized fonts bearing the words "best-seller" beside its name. Oh, nothing to fancy about it. It was just one of the many ordinary tastes of the so-called mushroom soup.

Fastrack to my dessert. The photos are all mouthwatering! I scroll down the list and tried to remember the cakes we have eaten there before but can't remember one. So I decided to get something that has no "bestseller" or "award-winning" tags on its name. Chocolate Cheese. I love chocolates, I love cheese. But chocolate cheese? Hmm.... Intriguing!

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You might wonder, where is the cheese and chocolate parts? They're mixed! I did not think that my two most favorite food in the world would go together perfectly. Each bite offers a married taste of cheese and chocolate. You cannot tell that you are eating cheese alone, or chocolate alone. Another thing that made this cake entered my top cakes is that it is not that overly sweet. You can munch on it bite after bite!

You can check their site for those oh-so mouthwatering cakes and brownies! GO!

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