Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Diet Attempt: Pearl White and Bioslim Partnership

Disclaimer: I am not endorsing the products. I am merely stating my personal experiences with them.

My body has been unflattering ever since Levy and I became a couple. Food has been the constant third wheel everytime we are on a date. Date for us is uhm, daily. That means, I have an everyday build up of fats. Now you get it. :)

Both a blessing and a curse, I easily gain and lose weight. I've tried different sorts of diet regimen. Believe me, ask me anything and I can give you a feedback on that diet scheme. It was when a good friend of mine introduce me to the partnership of Pearl White Slimming Capsule and Bioslim. Man, I did get rid of those fats. No, it is not like from Coke Litro to Coke 8 oz body transfiguration but I did lost weight.

Pearl would give you sleepless nights. Pearl is the strongest appetite suppression I've tried so far. It makes you forget to eat. You will grab a bite just so to feed yourself. Your favorite food in the world will not appeal appetizing to you. Psychological? It must be. But I do believe there is something in the capsule that "scientifically" cuts off your appetite. I chose the capsule over those slimming coffee as the agony is very much quicker than that liquid.

Bioslim makes you poop. Beware as you would readily exhaust an out-of-this-world smell back there. And yes, once you poop, expect to have that loud "sound" after the thing took an exit of your body.

"painless" way of suppressing appetite.
this pack costs 300 php. 
due to so many imitations, I ask my friend to buy it straight from Binondo.
lesser bulges for me in the tummy
slimmer arms :)
seemingly longer legs than before

happier me!
I know I cut my way short to a "slimmer" me, but I just can't handle the "sweating" way of getting into shape. At least, I'm trying to embrace it. :)

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