Friday, April 16, 2010

My Necklace Makes Me Complete

In the accesories section of SM Makati, I found this cute necklace. I don't know but I have a thing now for hangers. :D

the color is more of an old gold, implying a vintage look

this is how long the necklace is. pretty cool for plain tops especially white!

I paired it with my old bangles I bought in one of the bazaars I went to =)
It's another example of unintentional matchmaking when deciding to make a purchase!

M.I.C. or Make it complete is behind this cute accessory!
The dress is so lovely, right? :)
Yep, M.I.C. is exclusively distributed in SM and this piece is jsut like 149 php!

Oh! by the way, I would want a fashion insight from you guys, does silver and gold go together? I personally do not glue them on in one outfit as I see them as the same tandem with brown and black. But I can't help it, I wanted a flat shoes, and I wanted to wear my new accessory! So, was it a fashion fiasco? :D

My uber cute flats which I bought for just 100 php! Does it look good with my accessories above?

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