Saturday, April 17, 2010

Platinum Nails for a Wedding Celebration!

Tomorrow is my friends' wedding at Tagaytay. It was April of last year since I last attended one. I'm quite excited for tomorrow. It would also be a get together with the goons - the DB Soft boys I mean. :D So for tomorrow's special celebration, I hopped on to the salon to get my nails done!

 I always got compliments for having a candle-like shaped fingers. But fingers won't be that good if you dont have very neat nails! 

good to go for the wedding tomorrow!
my feet... i know they're big. lol!
I don't wear my nails long in my toes. I just find it weird having one... :)

I go the salon twice a month for my nails. It is one way for me to de-stress. :)

Anyhow, here are some of my rules when having my mani and pedi get cured:

a. Platinum is my classic/favorite/default shade
b. My favorite part is the nipper rippling off those edges of my nails and my dead skin
c. I'm a masochist at times and so I want my "ingrown" (did I spelled/got it right?!) to get off my toe nails even if it means having it wounded! :D
d. For my fingers, pusher does its task reversely. So it's more of "pulling" of the surface of nails so that I'll spare my cuticle from the nipper.
e. Still for my fingernails, no nipper on my cuticles please!This is actually a secret of not having those "dark" cuticles sitting on your fingernails.

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