Monday, April 26, 2010

Saturday Morning at Salcedo Market

What makes Salcedo market special among the other mornign markets in the metro? It is the unique finds that you can spot whenever you spend your Saturday morning at the Jaime Velasquez park along Leviste street. Strolling along the park-turned-market is like strolling around the world, with different cuisines and foreign vendors/buyers.

Along with its clean and classy atmosphere is the high price you pay for the goods. So if you are a frequent buyer at Farmers Plaza or any "talipapa", you may find the market a very expensive one.

So what have I captured during our short stroll in the market?

A. Fresh Produce

True to its name, the fruits and vegetables are so fresh that you will end up buying them because you are so into their freshness. Neatly displayed by the store owners, you are more likely to hoard all of them!
Jackfruits! As one of my favorites, I did not bother at their price of Php 240 per kilograms
You will immediately know how sweet they are when you see the mature yellow fruits lying on the bed of banana leaves.

The aroma of Castanas made me feel like buying them though I do not know how to eat/cook/prepare them.
But I end up not buying. :)

These pretty tomatoes, in their "prime" moments will make you slice them up and whip a vegetable salad!

B. Seafoods

BIG CRABS. These BIG creatures claim the throne of the king amongst the wide array of fresh seafoods! Crabs. Big. We all know that they are expensive. I did not bother to ask anyway. :)

C. Other Agriculture Products

I only knew green tea. But this store has presented to me various types of this English-favorite afternoon drink. Yes, those red buds are ROSE tea. :)

You say spices? Oh well, I forgot all product lines of Mccormick when I spotted these little bottles of herbs and spices. How coo is that to have all these displayed in your kitchen? :)

I do not know how special these nuts are as they are outrageously priced at more than Php 200 bucks. Hmmm, I'll resort to Antipolo cashew nuts to feed my uric acid. :p

D. Filipino Food

If you are opting for a ready-to-eat food, the market has a lot of these stalls grilling here and there. There are also lots of viands to choose from.

I remember Bataan when I saw these huge smoked fish. Mouth drooling now. :p

E. Wines
These are good gifts for various occasions and they are relatively cheap. These wines are made from Italy.

F. Healthier Options

It claims to have natural nutritional supplements such as organic soy yogurt, black sesame, flax seed, etc.

Now, who wants carabao milk?

No white sugar and it's low fat. but handcrafted? I don't know what that means!
The texture is not like the one in yoghurts or red mango, but more of a hard ice cream.
Each cup costs Php 85.

G. International Cusines



There are also Chinese, Japanese, and British cuisines available in the market!

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