Sunday, October 21, 2012

Initital Thoughts: Lory's Hair Cream and Herbal Essence's Hello Hydration Shampoo

I really do not want to pass a judgement for these two products this soon but can I just commend them on how they performed during my first use? I absolutely love them!

My hair is not in a perfect state - that's for sure. But if you saw me prior to these photos, you might tell me to shut up and head to the salon asap! It surprised me that after few strokes of my new Denman brush and a minute of frying my hair in front of the electric fan, my hair seem to be waggling properly. The layers are quite good in situating themselves in where they should be. the first half of myhair behaved like a perfect cone. Though the tips are still unruly, I still like how they are positioned as some kind of biatchy layers.

I don't know if this was because of the new products I used or if my hair heard my plans of stripping them off but for the day that I sported them in this state, I am truly delighted. Did it change my plans of getting a new do? It did not. But since my entire system was lurked with laziness the whole weekend, I might need to say some prayers to the "hairy" godmothers to keep my hair like this - just until I get some cut.

 And that's my crazy boyfriend making faces while I'm taking random shots inside the car. Lol.


  1. ...and if you run out of shaving cream, this works great for shaving :D